About Jen Carmean

Thank you for visiting monarch-tattoo.com/jencarmeantattoo.com I started tattooing in the fall of 1994, while living in Las Vegas Nevada. I worked in one of the 3 shops that were in operation at the time, now there are well over 300. I returned to New Jersey in 1996, where I have been tattooing ever since. Although I specialize in floral, textile and Asian themes I am capable of creating in a large variety of subject matters and styles. As I have watched tattooing explode, and change over the years, my love of tattooing has remained the same. Preserving that feeling for what I do is everything to me. Although I work privately in order to maintain the greatest focus I can on the work, my shop hosts frequent like minded guests, also dedicated to tattooing.  Seeking authenticity and working on my craft in order to provide the best quality I am capable of for each client, who decides to work with me, is an everyday dedication.

I love tattooing so much, and strive to make that show in every way possible.